Resorts, Villa, Cottage, and Homestays

Accommodations in Raja Ampat charge the price per person instead of per room. So if two persons share one room, they have to pay double the price.
Generally, guests share bathrooms. If you want a private bathroom in your room, you will have to pay a very high price.
Most accommodations – even resorts, rarely have hot water shower facility. Only some deluxe resorts do.


Raja Ampat have very limited electricity.
Some accommodations turn on electricity only from 6 PM until 12 AM.
Most homestays in Raja Ampat run a genset/generator because not every area is supplied with electricity by PLN (State Electricity Company).


The staple foods in Raja Ampat are rice and fish. However, the traditional food of Papuan people is papeda (sago porridge).
There is neither ‘warung’ (small shop/stall) or restaurant in the Raja Ampat Islands. Usually foods are provided by resorts and homestays. ‘Warungs’ are only available in Waisai city.

Telecommunication Network

Mobile phone signal is very limited in Raja Ampat islands. It can only be reached near Waisai city area and only Telkomsel signal is available.
Expect no wifi in your accommodation.

Banks, ATMs, and Money Changers

Banks and ATMs are only found in Waisai, namely Bank Mandiri, BRI, and BNI. BCA ATM is only available in Sorong. No money changer in Raja Ampat.
Foreign tourists are strongly suggested to bring enough Indonesian Rupiah cash.

Credit Card and Debit Card

You cannot do a transaction with a credit card or a debit card in the Raja Ampat Islands. All transactions are conducted in cash with Indonesian Rupiah.