Mythology of Raja Ampat

MYTHOLOGY OF RAJA AMPAT   Raja Ampat area is located in the north-west of Papua Island, Indonesia. The Raja Ampat Islands comprise hundreds of small islands and four major islands, namely Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island. The name of Raja Ampat comes from local mythology that tells about a woman who […]

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Things to See & to Do

About Us

ABOUT US   Our History Raja Ampat Nirwana was founded by a husband and a wife who have a mission to introduce the beauty of Indonesia to the world. They fell in love with the beauty of Raja Ampat. The idea of founding a tours and travel business cross their minds when they made friends […]

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Our Services

OUR SERVICES Raja Ampat Nirwana is a service provider of Raja Ampat tour packages. We have a team in Raja Ampat who is reliable and experienced in tourism. We also have our own speed boats, so we handle our guests ourselves without having to transfer them to another tour operator. Besides providing tour packages in […]

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Why Choose Us

WHY CHOOSE US The answer is simple: because we’d been where you are right now. Planning a tour to Raja Ampat might cause a long-term confusion, especially when you haven’t visited Raja Ampat before. Raja Ampat differs to any tourism destinations in Indonesia. Raja Ampat may be called a remote area due to its limited […]

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INSURANCE   We realize how important insurance for tourists is. Therefore, all our guests are protected by short-term insurance ever since they step their feet on Raja Ampat until the day they leave Raja Ampat. Each guest is protected by insurance with a maximum sum insured Rp 50.000.000 for accident and death. The data needed […]

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Our Tour Packages


How to Get to Raja Ampat

HOW TO GET TO RAJA AMPAT FROM JAKARTA AND ANY OTHER CITIES Take a Ferry Fly to Sorong Airport and upon arrival, take a taxi or an ‘ojek’ (motorbike taxi) to Pelabuhan Rakyat Sorong (harbor). Buy a ferry ticket to Waisai (Raja Ampat) at the harbor (you cannot buy it online). The ferry takes around […]

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Entry Permit Fee

ENTRY PERMIT FEE (PIN)   The tariff to support environmental services in Raja Ampat, which was known as the Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit Fee, or PIN, must be paid by every visitor entering Raja Ampat area. The money will be used for underwater biodiversity conservation and the islands in Raja Ampat. The entry […]

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ACCOMMODATION   Resorts, Villa, Cottage, and Homestays Accommodations in Raja Ampat charge the price per person instead of per room. So if two persons share one room, they have to pay double the price. Generally, guests share bathrooms. If you want a private bathroom in your room, you will have to pay a very high […]

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Equipment to Bring with

EQUIPMENT TO BRING WITH   Most tour operators do not inform what equipment or things tourists must bring with them when travelling to Raja Ampat. As a result, the tourists often feel uncomfortable, they even risk of getting an accident. Here are things you must bring with you: Sunblock lotion Mosquito repellent lotion Swimsuit Sunglasses […]

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